Grind and Polishing

Features and benefits

Durable: A long-lasting floor that won’t dust, leave marks, is stain resistant, and is easy to clean and care for.
Plus, we stand behind our floors with a 10-year warranty.

Low maintenance: Unlike most floors, a polished concrete floor does not need to be stripped or waxed.
Saving you time maintenance costs, and downtime.

Cost effective: As one of the most economical, cost-effective flooring available, you can save costs related to energy,
maintenance and installation.

Energy efficient: Polished concrete reduces the cost of lighting by enhancing ambient lighting up to 35%!
Saving you energy costs since fewer lights are needed.

Green: A sustainable option for new and existing concrete floors. Up to 10 credits can be earned through LEED certified projects.

Aesthetics: Polished floors can be dyed or stained, with endless patterns and options. Let us personalize your
project with a business logo or design.