Crack repair and Joint Filling

Cracks. Most concrete has them, and some are worse than others. Whether they are superficial, or structural, there is a solution. Our company offer s a wide range of solutions to combat cracks in your concrete. While it is impossible to guarantee cracks from happening, or reoccurring, we strive to repair them to the best of our ability. By using the best, most economical systems available, we can fix your concrete for much less than the cost of replacement.

There are 5 main reasons concrete cracks.

     Excess water in the mix
     Rapid drying of concrete
     Improper strength concrete poured on the job
     Lack of control joints
     Improper soil compaction
Another Service we offer is joint filling. Once expansion joints are cut they should be filled to prevent concrete from chipping and becoming a dirt trap. We have several industrial strength polyurea compounds for different applications that will effectively fill the joint and still allow it to function properly. Need it done fast? With one day installation, we can have fill up to 10,000 linear feet per day with little down for you.
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